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                    Coming Soon!!

​    The most exciting new project has the working title of Shared in Wisdom.  It will be a comparative of various faiths and philosophies.  We will be pairing Celtic Knotted Icons with scriptures, quotes and observations from many paths.  If you feel you have something that should be included, please  shoot me an email at  I am posting some of the images and words you can look forward to.     

“Greed is an imperfection that defiles the mind” 
-Gautama Buddha

“But charity is the PURE LOVE OF CHRIST, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him.”
― The Book of Mormon (Moroni 7)

​"In the eyes of gods, there are no chosen peoples and no master races." 
-The Odin Brotherhood

“Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”
-Romans 13:10

“A Witch's word must have the validity of a signed and witnessed oath. Thus, give thy word sparingly, but adhere to it like iron.“
-Witches' Reed, Author Unknown 

I am especially proud of how the Huginn and Muninn triskele turned out. I'm really pleased with the color job Gwen did for the Zazzle, Society 6 and Cafe Press shops. 


   More ideas to come include a book of just Celtic images, with a working title of On Misty Isles.  One is of scary images, with a working title of At the Edge of Hell and last, but not least, From the Mouths of Babes which would feature the young of different creatures.  Of course there will be puppies and kittens, they are so fun to draw!  There might also be the paraphernalia of human infancy, we haven't decided yet.  We are open to ideas.  As always, we like to hear yours, just send your suggestions to or post it on our Deviant Art page.  The link is at the top in the green bar.  

Alright, now!  Anyone who has been here before knows this book is something of a departure.  It will have some illustrations in it and they aren't colored, so you can color them if you like, but it's not a coloring book.  It's more of a spoof.  It started as two mature mommies at a Renaissance Festival watching the teenage girls dressed as faeries fluttering by and making rude observations about that being a herd in want of thinning!  As we sniped and giggled to each other through the day an idea took shape.  It developed into a cooking show featuring two troll sisters, Brandy and Sherry, a la Julia Childs, but with fantasy ingredients!  In the book the Troll version is accompanied by a "Pantywaist Human Version" so you can actually make some of the dishes.  And really, who wouldn't want to try Cthulu Gai Pan, Minotaur Tar Tar or Shepherds Pie made with Real Shepherds?  
So, this is our first fundraiser!  We have been working with our local Humane Society and this is the finished project!  We had a lot of fun putting this one together and the first sales are promising!  It was first offered at the Kansas City Dog-n-Jog and did well.  It is available here if they run out at the station on Parallel in KCKS.  We look forward to other projects that will improve the world around us as well as entertain!